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Marketing Forms
  • Client Profile (Client information form)
  • Fax Form (Fax client contact info to dietitian)
  • Ordering Instructions (Step by step order instructions)
    (5 and 1 plan overview)

    Page 1 and 2  
    Only Page 1  
    Only Page 2  
    (Marketing Medifast/TSFL brochure)
  • Page 1 and 2  
    Only Page 1  
    Only Page 2  
  • Research Studies
    (10 studies proving Medifast/TSFL works!)
  • Program Comparison
    (Compares Medifast/TSFL to other diets)
  • Web MD Article
    (Article about the Medifast/TSFL program)
Physician Information
  • Medical Economics (Benefits of a weight loss program in your practice)
  • Income Disclosure (Income breakdown of Medifast/TSFL health coaches)
  • Sign up Instructions
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